4 Ways To Find Your First Client (Double Your Sales)

Getting Any Business Up And Running Is Easier Said Than Being Executed. Here's My 4 Step Process You Should Take To Get Your First Clients Up And Running

1. Cold-Outreach

A lot of people will tell might tell you that Cold-Calling is the worse thing you can do. But Honestly… It still works. 

And I believe you should take advantage of doing it. Remember, everyone needs to start from somewhere. 

Here's What I Would Do If I Was You...


Find Targeted Leads

Free Version: Go to Google and type in the businesses that you’re looking for. Give them a Call Paid version: Go to Leadgorilla.io It costs One-Time $47 but the pro about this tool is that you’ll have unlimited access to this dashboard and you can see the weaknesses of each business, which you can’t see on google.



If you use Leadgorilla, you’ll see phone numbers and email addresses. Save them both and call every person that leadgorilla shows you. You can find businesses Through Google & Facebook in just 1 tool. so I love it.



Save EVERYONE that has an email address on Leadgorilla and save them in an email list. The best email system I believe you should have is Active Campaign. You can get Active Campaign >>CLICK HERE<< You can literally have Active Campaign for just $9 a month.  Another thing you can do is go to: FindThatLead.com and signup. which will costs you around $47/mo. It’s a bit complicated to set it up (which you need a Gmail Account for). But it will give you businesses and business owners who are active on Linkedin. ijj 

Here’s what Lead Gorilla looks like, once you signup for it.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a huge opportunity these days to find clients for your business. Organically Ofcourse. You can sell low ticket products or high-ticket services just from your personal Facebook profile. In this webinar underneath this text, you can see with your own eyes how to get that done.

Land High-Paying Clients

In this 1.20 Hour Webinar, I show you exactly how you can land high-paying clients right off of Facebook.

3. Linkedin

Also with Linkedin are you required to be daily active on this platform. On the top searchbar of Linkedin can you look for very specific people based on keywords. Add daily as many connections as you can possibly can and start a conversation with each of them after they have accepted your connection request. Try to share daily content as well on your personal profile and comment on other people's profiles and content as well. That will get some eye-balls in your direction.

4. Paid Traffic

A VSL-Funnel is a funnel that we launch with Facebook ads to our targeted audience. The goal of a VSL-Funnel is to get phone calls scheduled. Once we have calls scheduled for our business and closed some deals, we can kinda say how much a new client will cost us. The only thing we now need to do it put more money into our Facebook account and scale our business.

Ready to take action?