How Tomorrowland Grew Their Business To 9-Figures

Once, in a while I can be proud that i’m from Belgium. On these occasions, I also Like to show you that by giving you an example of a perfect executed marketing. How can a “festival”  be SOLD-OUT within 45minutes. And make over 9 figures during that time?

YES 9 FIGURES! They turn over a revenue of €113.000.000

In order for anyone to join 1 day or even the weekend at Tomorrowland, you need to get a ticket. (full weekend retail price is around +- €350. First, you need to register. Then you’ll get an email that the tickets will be sold at a specific day and time. Belgians can go first, and there are only x tickets available for Belgians. Then there is 2x a world sale on other times. When you click on the link that Tomorrowland provides you, You’re in line (you have no idea how many people are before or after you) if the tickets are sold-out and you didn’t have to purchase any tickets. Bad luck for you. This is the page you’ll see.
There are only numerous tickets available enable to run a safely Festival. Secondly. The founders of Tomorrowland, 2 brothers. Manu Beers and Michiel Beers focus on the client experience. So they invest most of their revenue back into Tomorrowland. That’s why Tomorrowland is the most beautiful festival in the world. They have that magical experience, the details. And last but not least. The decor of the main stage has been designed on the theme of that year of Tomorrowland.  How does this comply with your business?  Well, let’s break-down what Tomorrowland has, and see how you can apply that strategy as well. Sounds good?


  1. X places available to join the weekend (+-500.000 Tickets) = scarcity
  2. Only available to purchase at 1 time in the year (spread over 2 weekends) but only for 45minutes. Act now, Or Wait another year.


  1. Create a certain amount of people you’re willing to help. The less you have, the better, and the higher you can charge.
  2. Give them an option to act now, instead of tomorrow, by giving them a time to act now, or wait another month. (you need to be in a position to be there)
If you desperately need the sale. All of this is impossible to execute!

How do I this?

Well, for my Olympia Software, I do the opposite of what everyone else does on Facebook. Instead of dm’ing people, I provide them with free help. And only have my webinar on my Facebook profile. That means, that the webinar will explain to people how they can attract clients through their personal Facebook profile… (now I have people with a certain pain, in my mailbox) at the end of the webinar, there is a solution. To act now with a timer that is set to 30minutes. (to act now)

These Stages Costs Well Over The 7-Figure Range. This Is A Good Example Of Customer Experience Before Everything!

Here's a Video Of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike | Tomorrowland

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