Belgium’s #1 landingspage Nomads Agency Reveals How TO…

Belgium’s #1 landingspage Nomads Agency Reveals How TO…


Our gladiators will have your landing pages chopping up your rivals and slaughtering your sales targets. 😏

You're hopeless, a newbie in the fighting pits, trembling because you know that you're about to be stomped out faster than you can scream“help!”.

Well, here’s a brief window where real gladiators are offering to help, and save you from sure pain and suffering…
So that means that no one actually knows who you are, you’re not getting any traction out there and unlike Maximus, you’re not destined for greatness, you’re going to fade out of existence without anyone knowing who you were or what you stood for… 💩

A pretty bleak picture, you’ve got all the talent and skills but you never get invited to that hot Roman orgy, your invite just seems to keep getting lost in the mail.

Sitting alone on Saturday nights while everyone else is having the time of their lives, making sales, and getting their empire off the ground with the right marketing tools and team behind them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Your origin story doesn’t have to be some weepy role as an extra destined to die in the first thirty seconds of that epic battle scene 💀.

All you have to do is stop trying to rally the troops on false hope and dreams.


Get in that barracks of an office space and tell the team that you need help, they already know it, it’s time you admit it too!

Your rousing speech could sound something like this…

Team, we’re in trouble, we’re gonna get killed out there soon…

I have to stop listening to those rubber shoe salesmen posing as marketing gurus.

I have to admit, we’re not in a good place right now.

Trying the same thing over and over is just insanity, not the good kind.

We have to stop spending all our money on the same pitches!

We’ve spent thousands with no results.

And we have to stop pretending that we know what we’re doing here.

WE need help.

Now you might disagree, you’ve got this, “failure is a normal part of any business” things will turn around eventually. We’re a team and together we can overcome this…Bla Bla Bla, we’ve heard it all and we know where you’re headed…💀

Fish and business have one thing in common, they both rot from the head and we can smell the rot starting to sink in from here.


Between us, that same stink, it’s all over your agency, adman, and guru best friend. 💩

They try and hide it with excuses and “well you know the economy right now” all that weak-kneed vomit that losers pedal.

You’re paying for results, and by the looks of things, you’re paying more than you should be with NO ROI…

They are never going to get you into that orgy, and neither will you.

What we know about people, and landing pages is going to knock you down in the first round, take a seat…

You’re going to realize that you’ve been sold down the river, the slavers are carting you off and you thought they were just giving you a free ride, well someone’s getting a free ride and it ain’t you…

Your prospects, those hot Romans, are all begging to be invited to a party, maybe even one of those orgies we keep hearing about…And it just so happens that you have the perfect villa to host their party and make their desires come true.

But there’s a catch Marcus down the street has already spread the word and there’s even going to be a buffet followed by some light fight club violence…

Marcus is like every one of your competitors, he’s reaching your audience before you get a chance. He has the jump on you, we all know your villa is better but you’re always going to be in second place, alone on a Saturday night wondering when you’ll finally get to that big old Roman orgy…

We’re not heartless,
just ruthless.

What you’ve picked up along the way is going to get you somewhere, you may even get by for a while comfortably.

But that’s mostly because your prospects haven’t heard of Marcus and his awesome parties yet, your coasting probably patting yourself and your “marketing strategist” on the back right now thanks to all that success.

The truth is, you’re in a massive arena, you can’t even see the danger that you’re in.

You’ve got a mule rolling through Rome with a flyer painted on it. Marcus has chariots with flaming arrows and a guitar soloist screaming through the cobbled streets hurling bread and wine at people.

Your landing pages are that mule…

Sure it gets a message out there, but is anyone even paying attention?


No, they are not.

Here are some cold, hard facts.
That means that if your average, just average 2.35 visitors in a hundred are going to do something for you.

Landing pages aren’t just about information, they’re about speaking to your audience, and right now your landing pages are barely speaking to anyone, probably no one…

So we’re a small army of gladiators sounding our battle horns on the daily, going into the trenches, archers at the ready, and we’re killing the competition… 💥


Pillaging from competitors and filling the coffers has never been more exciting and worthwhile and while we know our names are going down in history, aren’t you worried about yours?

We’re masters of the arena smackdown, bring in the rabble and we’re crushing skulls, no questions asked.

Landing Pages can be brutal, we’ve got the stomach for brutal and we’ve developed a complete strategy for dealing with any competition.
How do we do this? You may just be wondering?

It all starts with the prospects, those booze-hungry, party-starved Roman citizens.

We do a deep dive, find out what your audience wants, what they crave, and what makes them shriek in agony… we find their pain points…

Then we reach around and go after their families too. No? Okay.😌

We wield their pain points like a mighty claymore and without them even knowing it they’ve forgotten about Marcus and his little shindig. 😁

They’re queueing round the block and you’re the only Villa in town with the sweet stuff they want. 💥

By this stage in the game, it’s what they need, they’re craving your party.

VIP exclusive passes are sold separately, you’re the hottest venue in the Empire right now.😎

And with our help, you’ll stay that way. 💪
Picture it, grapes in one hand, covered in gold rings and jewels. Master of ceremonies now, not some weepy extra, destined to face a nameless death in the f ighting pits. 😎

What got you out of there, remember?😏

Now, for a clearer view of the battlefield.
All strategy, all experience, and no excuses. 👌

Our landing pages are research-based, analytically configured, and proven to generate more conversion than you can possibly…do so yourself.

Some have even compared our landing pages to art, and not kind you squint your eyes at and hope for meaning.

We specialize in…
Our expertise will land you unimaginable sales, a sky-high ROI, and more Dineros than a horde of barbarians on a pillaging spree, you won’t even know where to put it all.

You’re going to look back on those dark days, fumbling around in the dark, thinking you know what you were doing, and cringe at your pathetic sales figures, (they are though).

I guess, if you’ve made it this far, something must be sticking, right now you may even feel the impulse to slam down on one of these green buttons… I think that says everything about our skills, eh?

So just hit the damn Button already.


We sell.

The right pitch with the right angle sells.

But you know that already. So, what are you doing wrong? You’ve gotta be walking sideways through a shooting range to discount the impact that an effective, guaranteed landing page can have on your business.

The sales, profits, leads, repeat customers, and digital footprint that a well-executed landing page can bring you make them absolutely vital…

Imagine having gladiator-tier landing pages devouring prospects and flooding your business with sales…

Your ROI would be zooming through the roof. The profits, can you smell that money! 💰

Now, imagine doing more than just smelling that crisp green lettuce and you’ve arrived at an already foregone conclusion… You need us. Plain and simple.

Schedule a consultation with our gladiator for FREE and explore the many avenues to optimize your landing pages and conversion rate.

Better get on your feet quick, brave soul.

Spots in are almost running out for .

You sure don’t want to enter the arena without our army of ax-swinging gladiators fighting for you.

Are you in or out?

The MMXXII gladiator games are about to begin. It’s time to decide. Go full force with a rabid army of gladiators — or go solo with your bare hands. Make a choice, brave one.

Ready to take action?